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pd"s are nervous and how old are they??????

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What age would be considered baby, juvenile, then adult?? The place I got my four pd's said they were 3 months old. No way. Two are very tame, the other two are needing a lot of work and are just scared. I'm taking turns with putting them by themselves in a cage in my bedroom which is very busy. My male was there for a week. He was very calm, loved being rubbed, let you hold him for very short periods of time. I put him back outside in the enclosure and he went back to his wild acting self. He comes out of his hole but always runs back and is always nervous. It hurts my heart. they all love their enclosure but two of them are just scidish all the time. What else can I do other than sit out there with them and hope they tame up better???:confused:
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They are juvenile up until about 7 months. After this they are considered an adult. You can't just sit by and hope they get tame. Because you bought so many of them, they are going to bond with each other first, most likely. You want to aim for them bonding with you. Buy a pair of thick gloves from Home Depot. When I got my pd I held her constantly with the gloves on. She would bite but don't let it phase you. They will want to try scraping out of your hands to run away, don't let them. Just keep holding them and petting them and within two weeks they will be tame.
Boy they really do have different personalities. I have spaz in the house now alone and she is still scared but will let me pet her. At times she will bite and it's not fast but like it's a nervous reaction. She has always been like that. i have had them for about two weeks. And yes they will try to squirm away. It's ok to hold them even if they fight to get down??? Is it ok to have them alone, one at a time, in the house in the cage for about two weeks, or till they tame down??? Fat Fat is now, after two days being back outside, is just like he was before. he was so calm in the house but didn't let me hold him long. I just wished they knew how much we all love them already.:confused:
Keeping them outside is going to be a little different. It's recommended you keep them in a living room where most activity happens so they can see human behavior and get used to you when you aren't holding them. That may be why it's taking them longer to tame. It's perfectly fine to keep holding them while they are trying to squirm. Remember they are prey in the wild so they are just really scared you are going to hurt them. Once they associate your hands with loving and petting they will always want to be with you. I recommend going into a room in the house and sit down on the floor while one roams around. When they come near you pet them so they realize you aren't going to hurt them. Take them in your arms and love on them, then set them back down to roam the room.
Hi, thanks for posting on my stuff. Not many reply on here. I have been doing what you said,except the holding while squirming. The two tame ones outside love attention, yahoo, give nose packs,groom but they also want to run up your arm to my shoulder so I hold them a certain way close to my face and they calm down. They are not scared. My girl I still have in the house will now let us all pet her and she comes to us in the cage. Last night she yahoo'd. I was soooo excited. I also bought a ferret sack to carry who ever around in it. Thing is, just like my male I had in the house, I'm afraid she is going to get wild again when she goes back outside. Very strange. It's like instinct takes over to be scared but then those other two girls are tame as ever, until I bring one in the house. It freaked so for now I'll bond with them outside while the other two get house time. This is hard!!!aaahhhh
Is there a way you could keep all of them inside? I mean, they could maybe go outside to play but I would keep their enclosure in the house so they get used to human activities :).
We already have five guinea pigs and lizards and a huge walk in aviary with three human kids. I don't know where they would go. They really do love their enclosure outside and it's as close to the wild as you could get as pets. I may see if it will be possible to have them take turns being inside to keep them up with the humans. We spend a ton of time out with them but two of them are just
skittish so I brought them in one at a time. I really do enjoy this other side of their behavior when in the house. I guess I'll take it day by day as a learning curve.
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