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pebbles and bam-bam

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we have made some progress pebbles and bam-bam ate some romaine lettuce yesterday and today i also have some broccoli hanging in the cage wish them luck only took n 5 weeks.
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So what's the story on them? They haven't eaten in 5 weeks?? TBH I didn't know parakeets ate veggies!! :D That's interesting. Where did you get them?
no thay have been eating this whole time just not veggies.i adopted them 5 weeks ago from a neighbor who went into a nurseing home.i was told on here they mostly eat seed but should have fruit and veggies to. so this is a start i hope.:thumbsup:
Oh that's good!! So you can give them what they need ^^ Bless you. It's a good start to them finally eating veggies then, you'll find that with some animals who know nothing other than their boxed diet slowly open up. Keep us updated !
Glad to hear things are going well.

Do you have any pictures of them? I'd like to see them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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