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Peeing and Pooping in both litterbox and rug

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Hi, my son brought home a kitten about 8 months ago. For the past couple of months if we leave a towel on the floor or a throw rug (other than the ones in my room and bathroom), he will use them. He uses the litter box as well but seems to like these spots as well. I've tried different litters, making sure he is healthy, covered/uncovered litterboxes, sprays, putting his poop into the box and showing it to him. I'm so frustrated at this point and we love him to death. Getting him a new home or putting him outside are not options in this house.

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Is he neutered?

How many litter boxes do you have? Many cats prefer to have a choice.

I recommend you add another litter box or even two, if you are only using one at a time.

The location of the litter boxes is important too. Make sure the boxes are in quiet low traffic areas.

Changing litters too often can make the problem worse, but you might try using Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter for a while, and then gradually going back to a regular (fragrance free) litter.

You have taken him to the vet? Urinary tract infections can be fatal in males.

What are you feeding him? A good quality canned diet will help keep his bladder and bowels healthy.

So glad to know you are willing to work with your kitty and solve the problem. And you are teaching your son to be a responsible loving pet owner too. :)
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Also, make certain that any place he defecates that isn't a litter box is wiped down THOROUGHLY. Use vinegar/water or the commercial cleaners if needed.

If he's stressed from a big change in his life (anything from being brought home to moved furniture depending on the cat) you can give him some drops of Rescue Remedy in his water and spray Feliway.

Another big thing is that wet towels and bath mats can smell veeery similar to cat pee. Immediately hanging them and/or hiding them away may stop his peeing on them.
I suspect too, your cat still smelling his last scent on these things, left no rug or towel around, just the litter box and interrupt him whenever he tries to pee or poop on other things.
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