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Pet a horse?

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Ok so this is prolly a stupid question but.. wheres the best place to pet a horse? Ive never really spent much time around horses, actually in total now i only remember ever touching a horse 5 or 6 times.. so i don't really know much of what they like or don't like.. so when you meet a horse that you don't know too well, but it obviously wants your attention.. where do you pet it? Is there things you should/shouldn't do?
Today we were at this guys house, someone David works with was selling us a table, and he had 2 horses so i went to go pet them while they talked about work stuffs.. I usually try to pet a horses side or neck, as far away from the teeth as possible :p
But these ones were in a pen so there heads and face were really the only option.. the momma horse seemed to like her nose pet.. or maybe i just liked petting her nose :giggle: so velvety soft.. And the younger one liked cheek rubs and kept turning his head to the side :)
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Usually the side of the neck is best if you don't know the horse. :)
i like to pet the horses by the neck and i also like to touch the horse's mane. :)
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