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pet degu

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can some1 please help me. i am a 1st time degu owner. i noticed last nite that 1 of my degu's was not herself, could barely move & just looked uncomfortable. i tried feeding her, she ate a little (very slowly) she was even climbing the cage but didnt have any energy ( looked like she was going to fall off it) i woke up this morning to find she had passed away :( :( :( i'm welling up here thinking bout the poor little creature :( :( :( her sister doesnt have any problems, is still the same. does any1 have any idea wat might have been the problem??
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I'm sorry for your loss :(. There are a ton of things it could have been, especially without an autopsy to give us clues. How long had you had your degus? Where did you get them? What kind of diet do you feed?

In the future, symptoms like you describe are considered an emergency requiring vet care.
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