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Pet fashion!

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Hey! What do you think of clothes for pets?

At first I didn't like it but it turns out my dog loves it! I stay on top of the latest trends through! A real cool site where you can share your own favorite items, i LOVE it!
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I love it and hate it at the same time.

I love it because I own three dogs. Loki is muscular for a chihuahua but still skinny...with little fur. Sweaters help him feel comfortable all year long. Luna I take out running because she is a pretty hyper terrier mix that loves a good romp. Keeping her in during the rainy season is not a good idea. I cannot see the ground but I know there is glass down there so she runs with boots and a rain coat in the winter. Spyro used to get a thick coat but he is a doxie mix...his fur, while longer, really wasn't that thick to begin with. Now at 13, we have settled down to get him a sweater. He enjoys romps in the rain and getting soaked so I take him to cleaner areas. I bring a towel because...well we all know about jumping in puddles and then getting sick right?

I HATE it because...
many of the stores don't take dog clothing seriously at all anymore. Some of our dogs really would benefit from it...WE NEED FUNCTIONAL CLOTHES. Sometimes it is really hard to find and online you can't tell how thick something is. Some breeds, ESPECIALLY sighthounds really really really benefit from sweaters...any greyhound owner will tell you that.
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I don't really but clothes for my pets. I guess it depends on the climate where you live. I do think it's fun to dress them up on special occasions sometimes. Of course any time we try to put something on our dog, most of the fun comes from watching her try to take it off ;)
Hello Friend

Well come to you this forum and clothes for pets are really good idea. pets looks more attractive.

Thanks !!!
thanks for the website! I have a little chiweenie that won't go outside in the winter time
The Pet wear cloths mostly in winter season , because Dog have different type skin , that is why they feel hot in summer the most and feel the cold in the winter, so according to me cloth selection should be according to season wise,
I also like dressing up my puppy! They just look even more adorable in clothing!
The first time i dressed my pet dog bob (labrador) a superman costume on his birthday, is so much fun! But I don't think keeping him in costumes or clothes everyday is good and i don't think he is comfortable or maybe because bob has different temperament.
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Many have heard of the fashion shows held and attended by the who's who of the celebrity and fashion world. One of the main circuits is known as the New York Fashion Week that allows seasoned and rising fashion designers to showcase their pieces. An even more fascinating show is the Pet Fashion Week in New York that is a showing of pet fashion and accessories.
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