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Was wondering if anyone has seen this before?

I went to feed my mice today and noticed my mouse, Mitsy's back was very "hunched", and shes never had one of those hunched backs before. It seemed to appear over night...almost looks like a lump on her back or something. And right above her tail (below the "lump"), her back looks almost sunken in. She was looking and acting absolutely fine as of yesterday

Even stranger, Mitsy has ALWAYS been skittish and runs into her house at the sight of a human. She is too scared to even sniff my fingers. So today, I reached my hand in her cage and she ran right into my hand! That is VERY unlike her. i'd never even held her before in the 9 months ive had her because she runs away from me every time. When she was in my hand, she was very very calm and that is also not like her. She is usually very spastic and very fast moving. She literally just sat in the palm of my hand not moving for half an hour. I gave her some food in my hand and she ate all of it (also not like her. would never even take food out of my hand in her cage). im not sure why the sudden personality change and the sudden hunch back.
Has anyone seen this before? Could she be acting abnormal because she is in pain possibly?
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