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Pet store REALLY annoy me

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Well, I was at the pet store.....for some reason it's like it waits for me to walk in and just see something wrong....but anyways, I always walk over by the rat cages and talk to them. And this itty bitty little rat came out of the wooden house they had in there for them and it looked waaaaaaaay to small to be weaned fully. So, me having the soft spot for rats that I have and me being VERY upset at the pet store. I bought him, (they made me pay 17.99 ) and he is here and is on a formula diet right now. If anyone could give me an estimate of his age I would be very happy.


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KRF i think is also known as KMR in some places, cuz that's what we called it in new york...
I would have guessed about 3 or 4 weeks old as well. Definitely not old enough to be sold in my opinion, at the pet shop I was at, which was bad, we'd sell them at 5 or 6 weeks old not less.
the thing is, to help these animals you are actually better to not give them any money or buy their pets. Because they make money from it, and they'll just order as many new rats as they sold from the exact same place and continue buisness.
I "saved" my rat from being snake food (she was a whoping 4.99 canadian dollars because she was in the feeder bin, because at that pet store black or black and white rats are feeders....) so I totally get you. I would have done the same thing, because it's too hard when you have a heart to leave them there... but the real way to make them take better care of them or stop selling them is to not give them any buisness and ESPECIALLY not buy their products, pet stores make the most profit off of the items in the store and not the animals which is why in general they don't take good care of them: it makes them lose time and money to take care of them properly.
the pet store I was at we were 2, max 3 workers to take care of about 30 fish tanks, over a dozen reptiles, 4 bunnies, over 30 birds, 5-10 puppies, 10-15 cats and over 30 rodents. There is no way 2 people serving all the clients as well and re-stocking shelves can give proper care to all those animals.
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paypal can be like a prepaid card, but you can also link it to your debit account and it does e-checks for you. So paypal takes the money directly from your bank account and then pays the site and it takes about a week for the payment to clear. It's ultra practicle, and I use it all the time and have never had any problem with it. You just gotta make sure the websites you visit are safe ;)
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