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Pet store REALLY annoy me

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Well, I was at the pet store.....for some reason it's like it waits for me to walk in and just see something wrong....but anyways, I always walk over by the rat cages and talk to them. And this itty bitty little rat came out of the wooden house they had in there for them and it looked waaaaaaaay to small to be weaned fully. So, me having the soft spot for rats that I have and me being VERY upset at the pet store. I bought him, (they made me pay 17.99 ) and he is here and is on a formula diet right now. If anyone could give me an estimate of his age I would be very happy.


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Awww...poor little guy.
He looks about 3-4 weeks to me.
Good luck with him.
I dont have a credit card. Do you know any sites that take check?
Having no credit card and cannot figure Paypal out,I used to rely on paying with money orders.However this is not practical,because SOME sites do not take money orders and if they do,you have to wait until they get the MO in the mail and then cash it.I would assume checks are the same.

They also have "pre-paid" credit cards that you can get online, or at Wal Mart, like Greendot, Account Now, Rush Card....that you can either put money on at a Western Union, or buy the "money packs" at Wal Mart, and other discount retailers and drug stores.
This is what I started doing! And it makes things so easy! :D
You can find these pre-paid credit cards in big stores like Wal-Mart or a big chain grocery store like Sobeys (I doubt you have a Sobeys though,it is Canadian).

These pre-paid credit cards make buying online so easy!

Thanks for all the info on everything guys, you have been really helpful. The boys say hello! And I found a name for the baby! Blaise :D
Awww,cute name for a cute boy!
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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