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pet supply websites??

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Hey all
thought id create this thread so everyone can share websites as to were they buy pet stuff online

I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered off this website before and if there any good ? im looking for website to spoil our little kitties rotten :)
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I order cat food regularly from,, and Very happy with all three suppliers.

I get other supplies, such as cosequin for cats, hair ball remedies, c.e.t. toothpaste and denosyl from

When I buy scratching posts or toys I usually get them through

I have not used the place you linked to, let us know if you like it!
amazon and ebay both have great pet sections. Thats where I go when it comes to purchasing pet accessories. Both are trusted and reliable websites. = Amazing.
I've ordered from before too, and I like them as well but the prices are a tad higher.
I'm actually bit part of and I say it's one of the best around with quality line of products, best service and good discounts plus free shipping deals..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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