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PHOTOS. Two Day Old Babies!

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So, I rescued a GP on September 3rd, and a few days later on Labor Day I was greeted by two miniature GPs looking back at me!! I have loads of experience with gerbs and hams but forgot for a moment GP babies come out usually in a pair and ready to go, eyes open and furry.

I love their colors and fur. Perfect! The mom is white - genetics are interesting.

I knew she was pregnant when I got her, btw.

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how adorable, they are so fluffy!!! punk rocker guineas!!!!
Cute Abby's! I've had many of my rescues come in pregnant with the same ending results (they don't always come in pairs mind you.) They grow so fast, enjoy them while they are tiny!
aawwww!! how cute!
They seem calmer and calmer. I suppose they will be especially calm having known me from birth.
awww they look so cute :binkie:
How precious! :lovies:

I just love their wild looks! :yes:
Awww, they are adorable. We once had a guinea pig that had babies too! They were amazing to watch! :D
Aww, they are so cute.

We rescued 2 gpigs, but we didn't know they were pregnant until one got very fat :rolleyes:

we ended up with 6 babies - lovely Dermot had 4 and 1 stillbirth, Ardel just had 2.

I can still remember them running around the living room following each other and 'wheeping' at each other.

I loved my piggies :D
Sweet little Guinea Pigs love their colours and when their that size :D
omg! They're adorable!! They look so big and fuzzy! When I heard 2 days old I was thinking miniscule and hairless, lol! Very precious!!
Aww they are adorable congrats!
They are adorable!

Just make sure you sex them quickly - the boys can breed at 3 weeks old, and can get Mom pregnant.
crzy4piggers said:
Cute Abby's!
The mom is an albino and still with them. They were born on Labor Day just over three weeks ago.

Are they torties or what? Obviously, dad was an Abyssinian, and I am VERY happy with the coloring and fur! :)

I will research this more, but as you are an expert on GPs, when is the best time to sex them, and when should they be separated from mom if male?

BTW, can GPs be potty trained? I've tried the usual bunny-hamster way with no results.

Oh, the all reddish brown one is named Sam, and the one with the dark brown ring is Lesley - androgynous names before they get sexed!
Mom is a PEW (pink eyed white (no such thing as albinos in guinea pigs)), Sam is a red and white, and Lesley is golden agouti, red and white.

At 3 weeks males should be seperated from mom and sisters as there is a chance of them impregnating them.

Potty training, possibly, i've heard of people doing it but it is from intensive watching which corner the pig prefers and then putting something there (potty box). They will pee there but poo's go where ever.
Poops!! I took two others out and put them in a gated play area for half an hour. When I checked back there were dozens of little poops all over!! it was like they saved up two day's worth for that moment.

Just three weeks?!? Even Syrian hamsters take almost three months for that to be possible, sexual maturity.

I will try to sex them ASAP. Any hints? They are still about 3/5 the size of mom.

Unless they are both females someone is going to be left alone. I assume an intro of a fourth one will be in order. Any introduction suggestions?

Thanks for any advice. The youngsters are like little Beanie Babies come to life they are so cute and tame! And they smell great.
>> Mom is a PEW (pink eyed white (no such thing as albinos in guinea pigs)) <<

Yea, the ears are half dark - impossible in a true albino. The mom's name is Jennifer, and very sweet and trusting.
They are not so small now!

I successfully sexed them last night: the youngsters are males and obviously different from their mom. Jennifer is in with Chip, a neutered male (Dutch, I think, black and white) who lost his cagemate, Lily. They are getting along. Looks good. But we mourn Lily.

Sexing was not hard when you know what to look for.
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