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Picasso is sick :(

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One of my rats is looking really ill. He is usually perky and agile but he is currently really dosy, and he can't seem to move properly, he couldn't even jump from one ledge to another, something i have seen him do many times before with ease. He is really clumsy and dopy. Usually he hated being put on his back, but when i try now he just lays there. I have checked him all over and i can't see or feel anything, but he isn't using his left leg right. It doesn't looks like it hurts him, more like he can't feel it. He doesn't try and move it if i touch or hold his foot at all. He still comes when i call his name or if he smells food but otherwise he is very poorly... I don't really know what to do! I just had to pay out a load of money so I am completely skint and i can't affored the vets until tuesday when i get paid... Does anyone know what is wrong or what i can do to make him more comfortable until i can rush him down there? I am very worried...
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I am so sorry about Picasso. :(
There are so many things this could be and of course it is hard to tell until you can get Picasso in to see the vet. I wish I was a vet in this case so I could help! I am sure you will get some good advice on this forum to help keep Picasso as comfortable as possible until you can get him to a vet. Keep him warm, make sure he is drinking his water (additional hydration and nutrients could also come from different soft type substances I have seen people discuss on the forum, like you have that product in England? I thought I remembered that you live in England, yes?
If needed, you can also make his housing more comfy for him by rearranging any steep ramps or things that might be hard for him to get up onto and keep his food and water in a very easy and accessible area. Oh I feel useless making this post. I know that there are probably 20 other things I am not thinking about or forgetting about that hopefully someone else on the forum will remember to tell you. I am so very sorry about Picasso. I wish I knew what was wrong. I know there are others on the forum who have given their rats some over the counter medications like liquid baby ibuprofen and things like that but I hesitate to suggest anything specific because I am really not well informed on dosages and such. Hopefully you will get some good advice soon from the rat veterans on this forum. Please keep us posted on how things go with Picasso? All my love to him.
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Picasso has gotten much worse, he won't even come to the cage with i have food anymore, he just lays there. He doesn't even move to poo so I have to move that myself for him. I am feeding him water with a spoon, He won't eat solid food i found he will eat mashed potato, cream cheese and fruit puree, he seems pretty happy to drink but I borrowed some money and I am going to take him to the vets in the morning, I don't think this can wait. Both his back feet are really swollen too.
Poor poor baby. If he makes it through the night, you're right, he needs to go in first thing. My first layman ignorant thought is, wow, this sounds like some kind of blockage. Please let us know what the vet finds out! You hang in there.
I hope it is not too late for Picasso and I wish him the best of luck in pulling through this. Glad he is going to the vet as he needs one very badly right now to look at him. He sounds very sick. I am so sorry about this. :(
i am really upset, but he is willing to keep eating and drinking and the other two ratties aren't being a nuisance to him so that is nice. He used to be really active so it's really hard to see him like this :( The vet's opens at 7 so I will be taking him up then... I gave him some extra fluffies to keep him warm. I hope they can do something for him.
We'll be thinking about you. :hugg2: :hugg2:
I wish Picasso the best of luck. I hope he pulls through, poor baby. I will be thinking of him. Keep us posted on what the vet says.
Yesterday was the worst...
It had snowed so there was a fresh blanket of snow when I tried to leave in the morning, there were no buses or taxi's running because of it. I put Picasso in his carrying box and put him in my rucksack. I left the top over so he could breathe and I cycled to the nearest vets i knew of, but that was closed. I went to all the vets i knew existed but they were all closed so i had to come home... He isn't getting any worse now though but he is in bad shape still. I put him in his hamock instead of in his house so i could check up on him easier, been feeding by hand. He looks interested when i come in and gets excited when I have food for him which is good. I am just hoping he will get better.
Oh no! I am so sorry that it snowed, what horrible timing! Despite that, you tried as hard as you could to get Picasso to a vet but they were closed, grrrr, you must have been so frustrated, and poor Picasso, trying to be such a trooper and a brave boy, in your rucksack. He is a strong willed boy I know, who is trying to hang in there. What a sweet little guy. I feel for him, I really do. I am sorry you ran into this problem with the closed vets and the snow. You tried as hard as you could. I hope Picasso can just hang in there a bit more until the vets open. I will be sending good thoughts his way and wishes that he gets better and can get to a vet very soon, once they open again. It is a good sign that he enjoys his treats and food. Hang in there Picasso!
Vets closed again today but i did manage to get on an emergency line, She said it could be a case of bumblefoot even though there are no sores, she just said to keep his feet and cage really clean, The cage is usually very clean anyway but i made sure to give all the bars, ledges and toys a spay of disinfectant and a good scrub just in case, and i also some antiseptic and i diluted it in some water so it wasn't as strong. he actually seemed to like the water on his feet :) he is looking much more perky though after all the food though he still can't move. i will try vets again tomorrow :)
Oh, I am glad you at least got to talk to someone on the emergency line, that helps a bit. Sounds like you are keeping Picasso as comfy and warm as possible in his hammock and helping him as much as you can. Keep us posted on what happens okay?

Kisses to sweet Picasso from Seattle. :yes:
Thank you, I am hoping the swelling goes down soon with the antiseptic, He is actually laying on his side or his back to keep off his feet.
Poor baby. It is good he has you to help him out and bring him food so he can stay off his feet and give them a break until you get to see the vet.

This is a picture of his foot... and animals/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20 and here you should be able to see all my other ratty picks, some of them are funny :3
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Oh no. Poor baby. His feet look SO swollen. When do you get to get him into the vet?
The snow has mostly melted off, i am going to try again in the morning, the busses are running again so i think it should be open.
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