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picky gecko

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our eight month old crested gecko will not eat,or we just don't see him eat...but there is never any lick marks in the food when we check it.we tryed babyfood, crested gecko food, mashed bannana..and he is a bit skinner now since we got him and the petstore owner said he was dehidrated, we spray his tank down every hour or hour and a half...we don't see him licking the leaves or glass. Someone suggested to us to dab a little of his food or water on his noes and he'll lick it off. please help:(

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What size enclosure is he in? What are the temperatures? How is it set up?

Baby food is a
HUGE no-no . Its terrible for crested geckos.

You want to be feeding crested gecko diet with or without the addition of crickets or roaches etc...

Are you finding any excrement?

I personally would not trust the opinion of a pet store rather I would seek the opinion of other keepers and professionals.

If you pick up the gecko and his skin 'wrinkles' and remains that way, the gecko is dehydrated.

You want the enclosure to dry out between misting, ergo misting every hour and a half is way to much. You can provide a shallow dish of water.

You can dab food on his nose and he should lick it off, but some geckos won't so be sure that he is actually licking it off.
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Has he been to a reptile vet for a check-up?

I would try dabbing a bit on his nose but it might not work. Are you absolutely sure he isn't eating? They really don't eat too much. Also, it sounds like you're over-misting the tank. If it dries out that fast you probably need to set up your enclosure differently. I only mist my gecko once a day (or twice on a dry day).
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