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pics of the enclosure outside

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I put some pics of the PD enclosure we built. Pd's love it. Thing is I don't know how to add them to my post here but click on my name, lauraj, then click on my albums to view those pics. i can't get them on here as one file. have a look.
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Have you tried uploading them to another server? Such as ImageShack, and then using the button in the reply box with the landscape picture? You press it and it says "Please enter the URL of your image" and you put it in there.
Oops, just seen you're at 18 posts - you have to be at 20, so just make 2 more posts saying anything, then you'll be able to post your pictures.
oooohhhh, I did something with them but I'll post again
so you have to have a certain # of posts???? interesting
Aye, I was trying to post what rats I am getting, what cage I want, y'know, just to compare and contrast, but I've got to wait 'til I am at 20! Another 11 to go

here's one link, but I have ten pics. how do I get my album on here. the pics may be one at a time.aaahhhh!!!!!!
Its says "To be able to post links or images your post count must be 20 or greater. You currently have 9 posts.

Please remove links from your message, then you will be able to submit your post."
Ahww what a cutie! Although that's the hyperlink - did you want to insert the picture? It's the next button to the right, the one that looks like a mountain with a yellow sky and a sun. 2nd to the right.
Well, you upload the images you want individually. OR, if it's a lot of images, you hyperlink to the album you made on ImageShack/you can upload them to this site on your profile.
By going on the mainpage > User Control Panel (found to the left) > Pictures & Albums (also on the left) > and then make an album.

The boon of making one on here is that people from this site will be able to see your pictures, whereas on ImageShack you're anonymous.
Sorry if that's what you wanted to do originally! I thought you wanted to upload a single image, so that's the easiest way.
/Users/jossranch/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2012/10/21/20121021-203142/DSC_0806.JPG

I hope these are multiple pics
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I can see your first picture, because you entered the url in the picture box. What happened the second time is that you didn't use an individual picture url, it looks like you tried to put the album in the image box.
To put an individual picture, right click and press show picture (or copy url location if it says that). That is the link to the individual picture.

If you want to hyperlink, press the button to the left of the landscape picture, the one of the world. Then, enter the url of your album.

If it doesn't make sense, try uploading the images to your paw-talk profile.


OK, let me just get my count up to 20 and I'll post them underneath
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