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Pictures of My New Horse, "Sky"

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O.K., Please don't laugh at me, I look really fat today. I was wearing jeans that were too big and I was wearing my husband's sweatshirt. Plus, I am fat! Anyway, Here is my new horse, "Sky", she is going to be so much fun. But I am really going to have to get used to how "sensitive" she is to the word "whoa!" hee hee. And, I was in a saddle I wasn't used to, a roper's saddle. I have never used one like it. It was weird, it made you feel like you were all tipped up or downwards funny. But, the horse was great. Soft trot and seems like a sweetie. We shall see what the future brings. I get her next Friday.

See, I look huge here! Just look at the horse, o.k. everyone? It's just my bustline that makes the top of me look so big. hee hee. Back to the horse, isn't she pretty?!


She has a really soft trot! Looks good from behind too.

Mama Kitty is in love already!

It was so hard leaving her there. But I couldn't bring her home tonight. It will have to wait until I am back next week! But, she is mine! Her registered name is "Dueces Stormy Sky" She is between 15 and 15.1 hands tall. Just right for me!

She really needed her feet trimmed, they had left her out all winter, they will have her all trimmed for me when I get her. She has had some good training and you can tell. I was impressed with her. I am having my vet check her out next week when he gives her her shots. The lady selling her to me knows my story about Partee. She has agreed that if for some reason that this horse doesn't work out for me at any time, she will take her back and will fit me with another one. Nice, huh? And, she is giving Partee a great home with super good care. This mare that I am getting looks so much like the gelding that I originally purchased last year it isn't even funny. The one that I fell in love with at an auction. I purchased him only to find out that he was only greenbroke! He threw me when I asked him for a gallop! I got a concussion out of that deal. Yes, my horse dealings have not been great. But, I am hoping that this one will be the one that turns out o.k.
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*steals SKy* hehe hey in the video (You need to post more vids!!) hehe you get a mini riding lesson!! :p

Bring your elbow closer to your side, keep your hands withing a little 6inX6in box. Hold your hands over her pommel, I'm envious of your nice flat straight back!!! GAH!! I always slouch LOL. Push those heels down missy!! other than that she looks like fun!!! hehe! I want your back!! gha beautiful!
Fae, thank you for the lesson! Can use all of the help I can get. I do know about putting your heels down, but I could barely reach the stirrups . . . LOL This was my "test" ride to see if I was going to purchase her and we tried to adjust the stirrups twice. I finally gave up and just rode her. I am so rusty in riding it is pathetic. I desperately need lessons. Finally have someone who is going to teach me! I am so excited. Only $15.00 a lesson, anytime I want. She is great. Still would prefer you! :yes:
Only 15 dollars a lesson!! Where do you live, I want in!!!
Awww Sky is sooo beautiful! I love paints
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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