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Pictures of the new borns and their mums!

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These are the pictures of the babies, they're growing so quickly now! Especially with two mothers to feed on to share the burden, they're becoming right little tubby pups! :)

Big and strong, lots of energy and personalities :)

There's also a picture of us holding little Dexter who we had to give up for adoption today due to him being male and ready to mate :( I'm absolutely devastated, he is a legend and I'm going to miss him running around in his ball banging into things!

Any pictures of your guys? :)


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They are so so cute!!! (Reminds me of my degus' litters. Lilac's litter – Ichi, Ni, Shi, Go and Roku – turn one-year old today!)

Dexter too is a real cutie. Hopefully he's gone to a good home with other goos.
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