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Platy grouping questions...

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So I got a group of 5 Platies. Each have a different color (1 white mickey mouse, 1 normal mickey mouse, 1 sunburst, 1 neon, and 1 bumblebee).
My question is, they all keep swimming up and down the corners of the tank facing the glass, all in their own places.
I heard someone tell me once that their cory did that when it lived alone because it saw it's reflection and was trying to school with it.
I was wondering if Platies perfer to group with their own colors?
Should I have gotten all one color?
Just curious. :)
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They do not need to be all one colour, although many people have argued that they prefer to school with like colours (the jury is still out on this one, but there appears to be some validity to the theory). Your platies' behaviour is because they are still adjusting to their new environment...give them a week or so to settle in.
Thank you!
Well even if they like the same colors I still am not getting rid of any of them. :)
They seem a little more relaxed right now, they are all swimming around the tank trying to find hidden food. lol
Also bear in mind that most livebearers are 'loose schoolers', and will not forms tight groups like most tetras, etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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