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Hi I'm new to this site, basically we bought two degus from pets at home a year back. They were around 6months when we bought them and one had a tail missing from previously fighting. After a couple of months the two females kept on fighting and when we rang pets at home they said this was completely normal. Within another month they would continuously fight and then I noticed some blood on ones fur and bite marks on its tail. I took them to the vets and they had antibiotics but sadly I couldn't have the room for two cages so had to give one up and keep the one who was being bullied.
She was happier and running around lots, eating fine and getting out her cage regularly.
The last couple of weeks she hasn't touched her hard food (degu nuggets) but has been eating loads of hay and still drinking water and playing.
I circulate her toys regularly and give her snacks frequently for while I'm at work.
she has become very tame and let's me pick her up and stroke her.
Could it be she has gone off the food, medical issue or is she lonely ? Please help!
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