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Please help me with the breed

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Hello guys.Im new in this forum.I would like to make a question.I have a puppy about two months old.The thing is that i took it from an uncle of mine that we dont have special relationships and i dont know if my puppy is a german pinscher or a min pin.I didnt had the opportunity to look at my puppy's parents.I know for sure that is pure breed.How can i tell for sure what breed is my dog?Can i figured it out from the height or the weight or something like that?Thank you in advance
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How do you know the parent is pure but not sure of what? my guess is a min pin as it is more common.
Because the man how breed them bought two pupies one male and one female from the same breeder.Thats how i know
I cant because im new here.I sended you a pm
Hi! :D

That is definintaly a Min Pin. So cute!:wavey:
I am new to. I joined last week. I don't have much time to look at this web site but I offen take breakes. I go to school online, and it is tough.
OMG a lady just had a stroke next to me at the library!!!Shes okay though.
Thank you for the identification my friend :p
I am no profesinal, so I may be wrong. Im only thirteen.
This teasing, someone should post the pic..

BTW, welcome to the board stauros..
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