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PLEASE HELP!!! My Cat is Always Hungry and Always Pukes!!

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, but I can see that it is really a great place to talk about cats. My cat has been getting skinnier/unhealthier over the past few months. She eats a lot and yet is ALWAYS begging for food, it seems as if she is always starving and is fighting for her life.

She practically dedicates her life to scavenging for food, always roaming the kitchen after meals and even clawing through plastic-wrap to get to things such as bread, pastries, etc. We have been trying to feed her in little dosages because she pukes very often, especially after she eats a lot. She averages a solid 1.5 pukes per day.

It seems as if she is eating a lot more than she has over the years, and yet she is still very skinny and is losing weight, along with her constant puking. Has anyone experienced anything similar with their cat and does anyone have any suggestions? What do you think the problem is and what can I do to get her better (I am on a tight budget)?

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You're probably feeding bad food, dear! Cats only go after people food with intensity if they're being malnourished from the food they eat.

Dogs that are being fed poor food eat their own poop and eat from the garbage... cats will look for human food.

Puking is NOT good. You need to feed better. What are you feeding? Malnourished cats will also need to be fed feed better food, you feed less.

You need to buy a better food, that's the ONLY thing will solve it. Natural Balance Ultra Premium dry food would probably be a good food to get her pack some weight on and stop puking. Chances are, if the food you're feeding now contains corn, or soy, it's probably a reaction to that. You need to avoid foods with corn, and soy especially. Byproducts(poultry, meat byproducts or "meat meal") need to avoid all of those. You could also feed Innova's Healthwise - Chicken and Rice. It's got rice, which is a grain, and isn't ideal(cats and dogs shouldn't be eating grains). That shouldn't upset her tummy, either. But her puking should stop once you change her food.

That happened to one of our cats...not to that intensity...but she would puke several times a week. One night, several months ago, she started crying(she cries before she's about to puke - it's heart-wrenching, but that's how we know to prepare). I tried to hold her steady, but she was puking so violently I was afraid I'd hurt her if I kept a grip on her. I took some Fancy Feast my fiance's mom had stocked up on for emergencies(Fancy Feast is not a good food, but it worked). And I gave it to her to fill her belly. She didn't puke it out, thankfully. But I changed them to a better food when I could. And the reason she puked was because we were feeding on what my fiance's mom feeds the rest of the cats - Purina Cat Chow. Bad food. And it's why she was vomiting. She hasn't puked since that day. :)
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Science Diet is CRAP! It contains ethoxyquin. ...Go to and type in Science Diet. It's KILLED animals! Science Diet is NOT good food!!! Science Diet doesn't even know what "Great quality" is! That food is KILLING her.

People ahve had to put their animals to SLEEP because they began puking violently, and began puking up blood, then they got lethargic, and then there was no hope for them. Science Diet. Is. Not. Good. Food. I'm sorry, but it's not. It's the worst food you can feed a cat or dog besides Purina or Iams.
Science Diet is full of lies. They don't give a crap about your pets' health, all they want is money. And that food WILL kill your cat if you don't stop feeding Science Diet.

..So...the choice is up to you.
Science Diet has done to other cats, what it's doing to her's. The fact of the matter is, most medical ailments are caused by what you're feeding your pet. Trial and Error. It's the food, and she needs to stop risking her pets' health by continuing to feed rotten food.

Yes, the cat needs veterinary care. But the food needs to be changed, regardless of what any vet says.
Actually, medical care and a better food are about 50/50.

..And if she delays medical care, that's her problem. I don't force people on what to think, so if she makes a stupid decision, that's on her. I'm giving my input/advice, which is what was asked. The steps she takes, are up to her. Considering how dire the situation is, if she skips out on taking the cat to a vet, I can't be blamed for that. It's common sense to take a sick animal to a vet. Or at least it should be.

I'm not a vet. Nor would I want to be, because most vets RECOMMEND Science Diet because Science Diet funds their research.

In any case, I gave my advice because it was asked out of concern from the OP. And I'M concerned about the well-being of the cat. Maybe that's my downfall, but it doesn't make me any less of a person. If that's an issue with you, then I'm sorry, but I'm not changing what I wrote. Advice is asked for, advice is given. That's the bare bones of it.
Medical advice...? Switching foods is not medical advice. Anything you put into your body, or your pets' can have positive, and adverse effects. Puking is a sign of the body trying to dispel something, and, quickly. Likely an ingredient in the food.

And if it is indeed considered medical advice, then apparently I'm not cut out for this forum. Been thinking about leaving for a while now, guess I actually have a reason to. Especially if I'm going to get b*tched at for being utterly concerned about someone's cat dying before her eyes. And absolutely outraged that someone could think the food wasn't the issue, when the cat is losing hair, losing weight, ravenous...with hunger, and still can't possibly imagine it's the fault of the food.'s been sweet. But see ya everyone. I'm needed elsewhere.
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