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PLEASE HELP!!! My Cat is Always Hungry and Always Pukes!!

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, but I can see that it is really a great place to talk about cats. My cat has been getting skinnier/unhealthier over the past few months. She eats a lot and yet is ALWAYS begging for food, it seems as if she is always starving and is fighting for her life.

She practically dedicates her life to scavenging for food, always roaming the kitchen after meals and even clawing through plastic-wrap to get to things such as bread, pastries, etc. We have been trying to feed her in little dosages because she pukes very often, especially after she eats a lot. She averages a solid 1.5 pukes per day.

It seems as if she is eating a lot more than she has over the years, and yet she is still very skinny and is losing weight, along with her constant puking. Has anyone experienced anything similar with their cat and does anyone have any suggestions? What do you think the problem is and what can I do to get her better (I am on a tight budget)?

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At this point, I wouldn't start trying things like a food change. I would get her to a vet. Good luck!
FlickeringHope, you aren't a vet. Please stop acting as if it's definitely the food. The cat has been throwing up for months and needs to see a vet asap. Could it be the food? Definitely. But no one is going to be able to tell that over the Internet, the cat needs veterinary care.
The fact of the matter is, most medical ailments are caused by what you're feeding your pet.
And plenty aren't caused by the food at all (parasites being a huge one).

By saying that the food is causing it, you may cause the owner to delay medical care in order to change the food. Like I said, the food is low-quality but this cat needs a lot more than better food.
Without even knowing much about the cat, you recommended switching foods and nowhere in your post did you even mention vet care. There's a good chance this has nothing to do with food. I don't want to argue with you but please remember that the forum guidelines clearly state that you can't give medical advice.

To the OP: Here are some emergency vets in your area since I realize it's after hours:;_ylv=3?csz=Washington,+DC;_ylv=3?csz=Washington,+DC

If money is the issue:

Care Credit is especially useful. Good luck and please keep us updated!
I'm not sure how much it'll cost because it varies depending on the vet and the area (I'm in New York). If you called, they should at least be able to give you an estimate for a check-up.

I wouldn't think about euthanasia this early, it could easily be something fixable with the right medical care :).
While we're on the subject, I wanted to add that my friend feeds high-quality cat food but one of their cats (they have two) steals human food. Once he stole a whole turkey :lol:.
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