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My chin Taro is 1 year and 2 months old and he is sick.

Taro has been crumbling his pellets for as long as I could remember, so I thought he was just weird. About a month ago, I noticed small poop. I took out his pellets. A week later, poop wasn't better and I noticed a wet chest. Later, I realized it was drool. I immediately took him to the vet. This was 2.5 weeks ago. The vet examined him and said his molars were slightly not aligned so he got it trimmed. We were given metacam. His drooling slowly subsided 1 week after but resumed again after a couple of days. 2 days ago, he got xrays done. The vet thoroughly examined his mouth when he was sedated. He pushed against the gums and didn't notice any pus or apparent inflammation. His teeth looked good from what he saw. Xrays were taken.

Main concerns (can be seen from image 001):
*The large object protruding from his front molars up toward his nasal area (I think Taro may have nasal discharge but i cannot be sure since it's a green color similar to pellets or critical care)
*The higher density near the front molars - not sure what it is

*We were given more painkillers and antibiotics hopefully to alleviate the inflammation

So far, nothing is diagnosed and I need to find out what is wrong. If the object is a foreign object, the vet said it will have to be surgically removed. If it's a teeth (which is said might not be because it doesn't look like a tooth). I know that CT scans will answer all of my questions, but they are expensive (how much did other chin owners pay?) and being a student doesn't help. I will however, do it if it's the next step to take. I would just like to get your opinion on the xrays any other chin owners can relate or have experience with this.

Despite all of this, Taro seems to be his usual self. Running, begging for treats, loves his dusting and critical care and gained back a lot of weight (when he first visited the vet he went from 430-370, he is now at 415. But when he eats, he would paw at his mouth. Drooling still continues. I'm worried about that thing that might be nasal discharge.

UPDATE: He is not eating very little and I had to force feed CC yesterday. Managed to get 10ml in. I've stopped baytril and am going to call vet.


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