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Please help! My English Bulldog won't go for walks

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We just adopted her from a family that kept her in a fenced-in area outside. She's 2 1/2 years old, healthy, and very sweet. BUT we found out she is not housebroken. We are crating her to teach her, but she's soiled the crate 2x already. Any ideas are greatly appreciated as to what has worked for you, etc.

Also, she won't walk when we take her out. You have to drag her to get her to go and that still doesn't work. And I don't want to drag her. Please help!
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Hi, when we crated Meg our youngest border, she will not go in her crate she whines to go out all the time, she's brillant. An older dog take time to adjust to new situations, and as she has never been crated it will take a little while, but i'm sure she will get it right in the end. Go back to basics and keep taking her out every couple of hours and praising her when she goes, never scold her for going in the crate, as she will associate the crate with bad things, we feed Meg in her crate and she gets small biscuit at night to go to bed with.

with the refusing to walk, have you tried having a treat in your hand and getting her to follow this for a while, i don't know that much about bulldogs and how much exercise they need, as i have terriers and they love exercise so don't have any problems getting them to walk
How big is the crate, how long is she crated for?

As for the walking Popcorn has the idea!
Messi would refuse to walk as well, i just stand there and say come on, come here all happy to him until he comes, then start walking, if he stops wait until he comes again. Now i tell him to wait for me.
My chi was really bad when we go thim. He is 9/10 years old now and we have had his for 2 years. He was never really socilized and was alowed to run at large and the peopel I got him from dont do goo with critters. He runns away and has to be on a leash but has learned that hwne he dose excaspe he goes only so far and hen I say sit or no he sits there untill I walk up to him or comes back. I tell him no runn away but good stay.
He still has hte habbit of gogin to the bath room in the house as in I let him out and he comes right in and goes right there. He has on ocasions peed on us in bed. So I have to crate him at night he goes in the crate and its small but enough for him to move around. So when he is bad he get crated with a blanket over the creat with the words time out, at night he goes in when he starts his acting up with it not covered and I say night night I have to for about 3 or 4 days clean it out then he stops. Also he is not alowed duringthis reastblishing that I am Alpha the pack leader he is not permited on the bed or furniture. he is kicked down to low rank liek in a pack, becuase his behavoir is he thinks hes dominet. But after 2 weeks of this he is find for a couple weeks to a couple months. I know he is older and older dogs tend ot go more oftne but he has bee checked he dont have potty probelms. But He gets let out often but I make him wait a little longer to learn to hold it.
Treats are a godo way to start but you have to atablish you are the pack leader and weather they have been treated badly or not you may have to be a little more tuff but let them knwo they are safe adn loved. Its very hard to do that but it works and the dog dose not fear you but respect you and to this you have to be calbm and focused and faithful that what you are doing is in the dogs best intrest.
Walking a dog is hard when they are older and never been trained some pull some dont walk. try a harness that is lose but not enought for her to get out. She coudl have been abused and she sees walks as harmfull as in they coudl have beenher to not pull and know she may me scared of walks or unshure. Her color granted comfy when you pullher may triger the respons oh I have to stop. You basicly have to start from the basices of walking. Like you would a puppy. My chi pulled and kep chokeing him self so when we started out he pulled I gently tugged and said heal and turned around walkign the other direction or he would sit down and when we went to go again and he pulled we waited he eventually got that he woudl be walkign ing circels and waiting if kept pulling. We thoguth harness a healign one would help but with some dogs like chi's they can be stubern and bull dogs can be to.
Put her on her leash inside and out like you would a puppy tryingto get use to a leash. grnated she's proably us ot it but this gives her the chance to see that leashes are ok and then start by walking her around the house calling her. This may work better to walk her in the house becuase its a safe heaven for her then out side. Out side take her favorit toy if she likes to play fetch or a treat she really likes and thow it a little ways in front of her while holding the leash and show her walking is play. but not enoght were she can feel a tugg. When you walk her dose she go a little ways and then sit or is it when you put the leash one her dose she not want to go? If its walka little then sit it couls be 2 things 1 she may have hip or joint problems but if shes active in the house that would be rulled out, if she dont budge at all that could mean she was never leash trained or abused becuase maybe she use to pull. try walking her in the hosue and yard on a leash 1st it may be she is stubern or dont want ot go out side the yard becuase of being fenced in she could be afrind to walk out side the yard in fear of beign fenced up again or abused for going out side the yard. Depending on what the other peoepl did to her could have had a dematice effect on her and tramitized her. Think if you were a dog and fenced in you woudl nartually want ot get out and walk on a leash but if she was fenced in withthe other peoepl she coudl have had a probelm runnig away adn got beat every time she tryed and is not afraid to go outof the yard for walks in fear she'll get a licken.
The cage may take some time exspecilly with older dgos. put her favorit toys in there make it like it woudl be if she was not caged but not to mush room at 1st enoguth she can get up and trun around. They have thoughcages you can exstend as your dog rowns or learns. They help the dog hold it becuase they dont want tt be in there own filth. Then after she has done good after a while room to were she can have food and water if you wish in with her. Treats time and pasionts is what is required and it takes time to corect what others lacked to teach a dog as in the basics. When some one dont bother to teach the dog or take time with it and throw it in the back yard you have a dog that is gonna need ot be trained liek a puppy would need to and erase all of what the othes have instilled in her and retrain her mind. look up ceizer the dog whiper and animal planets "It's me or the Dog" 2 very good shows that have tips on how to help you with your dogs problems.
I hope this helps you out a little. adn good luck remeber you may have to start form the beginign liek training a puppy.
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My friend's do refuse to walk too, he immediately sit when they just pass the gate. She ride him to the park where he immediately like the place and loves to walk along with teasing treats.
I hope she is doing better is the crate and walking training going any better? I do hope it is. Some dogs catch on fast and others take some time.
Carry treats with you and maybe don't hold the leash let the dog follow you. Also make sure you put your bulldog on a harness for walks because their tracheas can be crushed if they decide to dart off on a leash while wearing a standard collar. My bulldog LOVES walks and I have to sprint to keep up with her! She has so much energy and loves to be outside! Good luck! Most bulldogs love food so I hope the treats will work!
Hi i know you wrote this along time ago but i just wanted to say that my dog is doing the same thing. She is an English Bulldog 5 months old and she is a very sweet and has alot of energy. but i have to drag her on walks then when i turn back home she runs to our house. idk if thats becuase shes stubburn or what..
We also every night put her in her crate when its time to go to sleep and when we leave the house becuase she will mess everything in our house. I feel bad putting her in her crate but idk what else to do. please help.
follow the advice in this thread, don't drag your dog, crouch down and call her until she comes, then continue, you will have to do this often at first.
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