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Please help us!

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Ok, so last night I found a dog under a bridge that was pretty much left for dead. The dog is very malnourished and is skin and bones. I brought it to the vet and I don't have the funds to keep it over night in a veterinary hospital. I don't want to bring it to a shelter where it will be euthanized. The vet ran a parvo test and it came back negative which is a good thing! So after talking to the DR he said he would give us a free bag of fluids and some vitamins through the IV. He also gave us high protein food for the dog for free and gave us flagyl. What else can we do to make this dog survive please help us. THANK YOU!
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Do not free feed give it small amounts of food often. if it eats too much too fast it can hurt his system. Go to your shelter bring the dog, ask if they can do anything for it at low cost and you are willing to foster or keep the dog but need help. They may at least give you food, meds if it has any infection, flea treatment, wormer. if they don't try another shelter. People working at the shelter really do want to help animals.
We once found a dog in a similar condition. She had recently had pups and had been shot. She was so week she could barely stand, and barely had the strength to eat. We thought for sure she only had hours of life left in her at best. Kendalle is right. Small amounts of food are best. Also, if the dog has a skin condition and loss of hair [typical in severe malnourishment], our vet suggested 2 tablespoons of bacon grease daily, and shampoo with baby shampoo. We did this for 2 weeks and the improvement in the dog was tremendous.
It's wonderful that you are trying to save this dog, I agree with the rationing of food, remember that dehydration is a problem with malnourished dogs and try getting wet(canned) food for it. a lot of dogs love carrots, try him on baby cuts, they are full of water. However I would think twice before giving it bacon grease, pork in any form is not good for dogs and bacon grease can bring on pancreanitis!

So Lots of water or water based foods and vitamins or pro-biotics
Good Luck!
Thank you for big heart for that dog, hope he would able to recover into good shape.
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