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Hello there PD lovers, :wave:
Three month ago we've bought a PD from one man who as he claimed had no time for his furry fellow. At first our PD was a little bit afraid of everything in his new home but soon we started to get along pretty well. :rolleyes:
The whole problem started about a month ago.:( Our PD became very aggressive and unpredictable: one minute he's a lovely pet who likes when his belly is rubbed and next minute out of nowhere he starts to bite and scratch. When he behave like this we put him into his cage for about 30min. When he calms down we let him go. As I understand he behave like this because mating season have started. We are thinking about neutering him but I do not know whether it is going to be affective because he is 1,5 - 2 years old. On the other hand, maybe he is acting like this because we have not bonded yet? :confused: Or maybe after his previous owner, we never will?:confused:
If you have any suggestions how to solve this problem, please share because our PD's behavior is unbearable and after few really deep bites I'm starting to be afraid of him. :( We are putting a lot of effort in communication with our pet but is seems that non of them are paying off.
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