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Dear fellow animal enthusiasts,

I’m doing a research on animal and human relationship for the faculty industrial design at the TU Delft. I’m interested in the way children are currently taught about animals and the way this translates to their connection with the animals in real life situations. Lately animals that are represented in the child orientated media (books, movies, etcetera) have become more and more humanized, leaving children the need to learn about animals in other ways. In order to design something for these children that will teach them how to interact with animals I first need to know what their new sources of knowledge are.

Therefor I hoped people on this forum would be able to help me by sharing their experiences trough stories and preferably photographs. These stories would eventually be used to create my final design, which would likely be implemented at a local animal petting zoo to help the children communicate with the animals.

I would be delighted if any of you could share pictures or stories on the following subjects:
- A child learning about animals, through any means even if the information provided is contrary to the actual animal behaviour.
- A child’s first interaction with a new type of animal
- The products or people that taught you (the adult) about animal behaviour.

At March 13th I will post the outcome of this research on this forum and on April 7th I will share my eventual design with all of you.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention! I’m looking forward to hearing about all your experiences!
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