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"But, Mom,Chaussures Chanel! Why can't I have them? I'm the only kid in my class who has to wear these lame shoes! You don't know how embarrassing it is. All the cool kids have them. Besides, they only cost $160. I'm the only kid in my class who has to wear these lame shoes! You don't know how embarrassing it is. You and Dad get everything you want...and, don't tell me that I need to earn them myself. None of my friends get treated like this. This is so bogus! And besides that, Britney says that it's the parents' job to get good stuff for their kids," Trinity laments.
"How many times have I told you that you don't need these things just because your friends have them?" answered Mom. "You have perfectly good shoes that you don't even wear. If I remember right, you were going to die if you didn't get the last pair. You wore them twice and I haven't seen them on your feet since."
"Where am I supposed to get the kind of money to keep getting you everything you want? Young lady, you're going to have to realize that I'm not an Automatic Teller Machine. It's about time that you showed a little appreciation for what you have instead of constantly demanding more and more."
"But, Mom,Polo Ralph Lauren! You could loan me the money. If you just loan me the money, I promise I'll pay you back. It's important!"
"What are you talking about?" Mom asked. "I've heard that before, but I never see the money,Sacs Louis Vuitton. It's about time you learned a little responsibility."
"But,Ralph Lauren Casquette, Mom, I've learned my lesson. I promise."
"Oh, alright! I'll loan you the money, but if you don't pay it back, this is the last time,sac gucci!"
This conversation has become a weekly event at Trinity's house. Mom and Dad have tried to explain to her that she doesn't need everything she sees advertised. Lecture after lecture has fallen on deaf ears, resulting in the parents finally giving in and buying the object of Trinity's desires, only to discover that their daughter's obsession with materialism grows with each new acquisition,Moncler Donna. The more she gets, the more she wants.
In the house across the street things are handled in a different way. Fourteen-year-old Tracy doesn't have Trinity's sense of entitlement. She has a deep sense of appreciation for her belongings.
This all started at an early age when Tracy started to think about all the things she wanted. One day it was a pony. The next day it was a bicycle. Each time her friend got something new, she wanted it too. Her begging knew no bounds.
Tracy's mother had attended a Love and Logic class where the instructor reminded the class that "we don't want to squash the dreams of our kids." Many parents do this in an attempt to help their children avoid disappointment by telling them that their dreams are impossible.
The instructor gave an example of a child who talked of becoming an astronaut. His mother told him that it was really not possible because so few people get into the program. Little did she know that trying to protect him from disappointment told him that he didn't have what she believed it took to reach his dream.
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