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Candida is another term for candidiasis, a yeast infection brought on by overproduction of candida albicans. It is a kind of yeast that thrives normally in the skin, vagina, mouth and rectum. Common issues include headache, fatigue, vaginal itching, rectal itching, abdominal bloating, craving for sweets, thrush and sore throat. Although anti fungal meds are a cure, treatment should be reinforced with a proper diet made specifically for candida patients.

It is good to know that the particular issues leading to candida overgrowth are a high-sugar diet, diabetes and the use of a wide variety of medication ranging from oral contraceptives, to prolonged use of antibiotics.

It is not necessary to starve yourself; you only need to understand what you can eat so you can incorporate it into your daily diet for candida plan.

Diet for Candida 101:

It is important to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates. These foods lead to growth of yeast in the body,Polo Ralph Lauren. You need to cut down on sweets, candies, and honey. Also NO fruit juices. If possible, NO pasta, corn, potato, wheat or rice. If you do find the need to eat one of these items then only a small amount is allowed. Low carbohydrate foods such as meat, bacon, chicken and veggies are encouraged.

Eliminate any food that has any kind of yeast: these include cheese and cheese creams, beer,doudoune north face, bread, wine, soy sauce, yogurt, sour creams, salad dressing, ketchup and aged vinegar. It is important to read your labels. Please find time to do so, it is important to know the contents of what you are having to help improve your overall well being.

Certain veggies can be had in moderate amount: bell peppers, asparagus, squash, cabbage, broccoli, spinach,ブランドバッグ, cauliflower, egg plant, garlic,バーバリーセール, onion and shallot can all be eaten and included in food preparation. You need to be creative in cooking your food. Pair or mix veggies with meat, create a new recipe, a salad perhaps without the dressing of course!

Acidic fruits in general are a nice choice as they help kill the candida in the body. Fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemons, lime, plums and peaches can be eaten.

Organic meats with no antibiotic contact are highly recommended such as beef, lamb, and pork. Seafood is allowed and can be eaten in moderate amounts. Don't forget to drink 2 - 4L of distilled water a day, this will help flush out toxins as well as bacteria.

Candida Diet: Breakfast

A diet high in protein diet is ideal. Meat, chicken and eggs are among the best options. No breaded chicken or fish please. Maybe throw in an orange as a snack and you're ready to go.

Diet for Candida: Lunch

Salads are a great option for lunch. Vegetables plus meat to help energize your body and get you through the day.

Candida Diet: Dinner

Fish and seafood can be a dinner delight. Get creative with your vegetables and make some fun and filling side dishes. Remember after about 3 to 6 weeks most of the yeast in your system will have died off. At this point most of your health issues should be gone or mostly gone. If you decide to you can start eating some of the off limits and restricted foods. One good tip is to incorporate these foods back into your diet slowly. Try adding only one or two of the restricted or prohibited items back into your diet each week,doudoune north face homme. This will allow your body to adjust and if you see any symptoms reoccurring it will be easier to pinpoint which items your body is reacting negatively too.

Best of luck and here's to a healthier tomorrow!


Erik Parsons is a candida diet expert whose has been shaping people's lives for years. For more information on the candida diet and Erik&#039,Polo Ralph Lauren;s complete "Eliminate Yeast While Rejuvenating and Revitalizing My Life In 7 Days Or Less" FREE mini-course visit

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