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poop outside my cats litterbox?

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I own a rescued cat shes approx.3 years of age I am pretty sure. Shes been in our house for over 8 months now and she sleeps in our garage at night and roams our fenced in backyard and our house during the day. She isnt really fond of days with too much thunder or lots of wind. mind you I live in Florida.

I put her in the garage around 8:30pm and check on her at
9:30pm. In there she has a television playing during that time and her litter box, a tent and food and water and might i add three empty cardboard boxes.

I went to check on her around 9:40 and found some poop outside her litterbox, about 2 droppings. Inside her litter box she had 2 small droppings as well. Is this normal?
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Hmm, I'd say so. Sometimes cats just tend to miss but I would keep an eye out to see if she is doing it frequently as it could indicate problems. It could mean that she isn't happy with her litter box for whatever reason. Cats are picky little buggers sometimes about what litter you use, ect. If she keeps doing it you might want to take her to the vet as it could be indicative of a medical problem. Have you changed litter recently?
about the box.

Thank you for the reply,

I need all the advice I can get.

I clean out the sand every day with the scoop and when ever she uses it i wait three minutes to scoop that out. The box itself has not changed however. It has been the same for as long as she has been with us. I will keep an eye on how much it happens. She has only done this one other time. this time , I just had to see if it were normal.
if she is simply missing the box you could try getting a covered box
I had a kitten a while ago that simply liked to have his back feet touching something thus resulting on misses any time there weren't hills in the litter box lol. I would try making the litter box a little less....fresh. By that I mean don't smooth it out when its clean but lump it up a bit. A couple of my last fosters were the same way.
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