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Poor, Poor Sniffers!

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My mom's dwarf hamsters got into a fight tonight. We came home and the whole left side of Sniffer's face is gone. I can't even describe it effectively, except to say it was like something from a zombie movie. She just took him to probably have him euthanized. I've seen a lot of messed up stuff in my day, but this actually bothered me.
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OMG i'v never heard of a fight that bad. that is horrible :( I'm Sorry :(
So, this was a surprise... The vet thinks it's a tumor that abcessed. We had no idea he even had a tumor and we play with them nightly. He's gone :(
it was a dwarf hamster right? our family had 2 drawfs at once and one got a tumor it might be common. but, i don't know
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