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Hello everyone! I'm a new member on here and shall be stalking threads and making some of my own soon =).

I go by Twisted, I live in Newyork city. I'm 18 and currently attending college to do my under grad to apply to vet school.

My pets:

1 betta fish -Bullet
1 Apple snail - Obama
2 ghost shrimps (Just lost two) - Nameless/Nameless
2 African dawrf frogs -Nameless/ Nameless
1 Pac man frog-Squishy
4 Hamsters (3 Syrian/1 dawrf) Clancy, Cloud, Teddy,Shappire.
1 rat (Getting another friend soon) - Lucifer
1 Dog- Boston

So there you go. Hello everyone!

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Welcome to PT!
I have a frog names Squishy too! :D But he is an african clawed frog, and his full name is Mr. Squishy Man LOL

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Hey how are you? Wow is Squishy a popular name for frogs or something? Glad you joined up!
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