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Possible Pregnant Spiny Mouse?

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I recently adopted two female spiny mice. One of them seems quite large and is bulging on her sides. The bulge moves from side to side, and her stomach feels quite firm. It's hard to feel any movement because she breathes so fast (all of my spiny mice do).

The other spiny mouse is a female for sure, too. The person I got them from claims to have never had any males, so I'm not sure what to think. Here's a photo of her bulging sides.

I took a video last night in which I could see some movement. (I can't post links or I'd love to get your opinions on that, as well). I also have photos, of which I can't post. Very frustrating to try to get some help since there are no active spiny mouse forums!
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Is there a way to message the video to someone? Or how does this work?
You can link it. If it won't let you post a link, just put spaces in it.
I had tried using spaces, but it didn't work earlier. Hopefully it works this time! :)

youtube. com/watch?v=sFFHMV36uFY
at 7 and 25 seconds in is where I see the movement.
It's hard to tell with the blurriness, but I'm not all that experienced with preggies anyway! Lol. I think I see a little bit, but you never know. Someone else with more knowledge will likely come along and correct me :)
It's extremely hard to find any pictures or videos of what a pregnant spiny mouse looks/acts like. Their gestation period is only about 38 days, so I won't have to wait too long to find out.
Yea, usually rodents are pregnant for a very short time and show little signs until RIGHT before they give birth. I'd just keep her in an aquarium for awhile so that if she does give birth, the little ones don't get caught in any bars.
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