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Possible Tumors/Cysts? Unsure?

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so there is a rabbit at school
i call it a velvet rabbit-IDK it's real breed, that's just what i call her, cuz she feels like velvet and all
so she's a 12-14yr.-old female rabbit and she's got weird **** all over her feet
on 1 of her front feet she has bald, squishy pink lumps on near her toes that weren't there at the beginning of the year
on 1 of her back feet she has about 6 of those same lumps and 1bigger 1 that is on the bottom of her foot-1 of these lumps popped while i was holding her and pus came out and the rabbit didn't act like she was in pain or anything... my friend squeezing all the pus out and wrapped her foot so it wouldn't get infected cuz after we squeezed all the pus out, it looked like a giant stab-wound on her foot :(
so we washed it and disinfected it and wrapped it and we'll see how it looks tomorrow...
we also tried popping the other lumps but they wouldn't pop so we left them alone
i'm just worried they may be tumors or cysts or sumthing like that and she has been laying down a lot more than she used to
also, the teacher bred her and a albino rabbit about 3months back and she is currently in a false pregnancy (losing fur, using nesting box)
and also, she is constantly wheezing, has a runny nose, and always has a hard time breathing, her heart beats really fast if you ask me and her entire body practically "grinds" (if you know what i mean!) when she breathes-the teacher says she's had the respiratory problem ever since they got her and she gets like that only when she drinks water cuz she drinks really fast...
i also showed the strange lumps to the teacher and he wondered if they were cysts or tumor also but he refused to take her to the vet
i would take her if i had extra $$$ but i don't... i feel so bad for her... so... what do you think they are?
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Maybe abscesses?

I think it's just horrible all these rabbits you posted about and the teacher won't take any of them to the vet? Try explaining to the teacher that not providing vet care is neglect/abuse.

If the teacher seriously won't take these rabbits to the vet, I'd start looking around for who to call in your area to report whats going on and hopefully get the sick rabbits some help.
i did explain all of this to him and how people agree that it is neglect but he just won't listen... he thinks he is doing the rabbits a favor by not taking them to the vet cuz he figures they will just euthanize the bunnies
Honestly. Your teacher should be smart enough if he went through university to get a teaching degree. UGH!! Your teacher sounds like the most pompous ignorant thing.. This rabbit (which is probably a rex or mini rex) was BRED?!?!?!?!?!? She's got upper respiratory problems, abscesses and she's senior. The rabbit will probably die on her own without intervention.
Rabbits have a thicker pus than cats and dogs, you guys squeezing it is only causing her pain and is not actually draining it at all. The infection will remain in her body until she succumbs of until she is treated with antibiotics from the vet.
What it sounds like is your "teacher" is well aware of the cases of abuse he has and is afraid to go to the vet for fear they will call animal authorities. He should be afraid, if I knew the name of your school I'd call myself. These animals need to be seen by a proper vet.
yikes now i feel bad.... she didn't act like squeezing it hurt that bad and as i said... we were handling her and we didn't even realize there were lumps down there until the one popped... most of the pus squeezed out with one single pop
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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