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I've been looking at sites for pot belly pig behaviors, but can't find anything that pertains to my pig. She lives outside and I just rescued her from a slaughter auction. Apparently shes 8 months old, possibly pregnant. I've had her for about 5 days now, and I would like to differentiate between friendly and agressive behavior. She seems to emjoy being petted, but was extremely skiddish the first couple of days. Shes being housed outside in a huge pen that she has all to herself. She was housed with a male pig before. She comes over to me now and allows me to scratch her, and she arches her back and grunts (enjoyable). But sometimes she chomps her mouth randomly... its not directed at me, but I've heard that chomping can lead to agression. She hasn't charged at me (yet). But I just want to find out what behaviors are agressive and which ones arent.

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