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Potted water sprite?

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Just a quick question about my new plant! I FINALLY got a hold of some water sprite for Squishy's tank. The only kind I could get was potted though. So, will it do best if I just leave it in the pot, or should I take it out and stick it on my drift wood?

And it had long leaf stems, but some of them must have gotten bent/snapped when it was shipped. :( Will they turn into new plants, or just die?
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With right water temp and light, it should grow new leaves. I like plants holding and growing on driftwood.
It's up to you but yeah, you can leave it potted :). It's a hardy plant so don't worry about the damage, just cut off any really dead parts/dying leaves.
It was all rooted into the spongey stuff, so I just left it potted for now. Thanks!
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