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Prairie Dog Colony in Colorado Destroyed
by Lisa Pomroy
Posted on July 12, 2002

Animal welfare advocates recently protested in front of a Storage Tek facility in Louisville, CO to express their objection to the extermination of the approximately 8,000 members of a prairie dog colony located on the same 440-acre property as the facility.

"We had been working with (Storage Tek), and all of a sudden they broke off communication with us," said Rocky Mountain Animal Defense (RMAD) Prairie Dog Coordinator Judy Enderlee, who tried to help the company find some means of containing the animals in order to prevent them from causing additional destruction of property.

RMAD volunteers who were on a neighboring property relocating the members of another prairie dog colony when the poisoning with aluminum phosphide pellets took place reported being "shocked and sickened" by it.

"We just happened to see them," Enderlee stated. "We could have missed the whole thing."

The protestors cited Amendment 14, a Colorado law prohibiting the killing of animals other than prairie dogs that may inhabit or come into contact with prairie dog colonies, while explaining why they believed the poisoning was not only unnecessary, but illegal.

"It's my experience that when colonies have been poisoned, the prairie dogs always come back," said Enderlee. "This is not the first time (Storage Tek) has done this. They have never been able to take care of the problem and in another year they'll have to look at this again."

Colorado Daily

by Jessika Fruchter

]Rocky Mountain Animal Defense
StorageTek, a Worldwide Corporation, Disregards Amendment 14 in Colorado and Poisons Wildlife

© 2002 Animal News Center, Inc. - Reprinted with permission.

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OMG- I dont know how people can kill such sweet innocent creatures. They deserve to die, IMO...
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