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preggo?? help? :(

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I just adopted two female rats from someone in the next town over. He gave me little to no info on the girls, only telling me their names, and saying that there was a third rat living with them, but it died a few days before I adopted these girls. He had been feeding them a low-quality cat food, and rarely cleaned their cage, from what it looks like... He gave me the remains of the cat food and the rest of their bag of pine bedding (I use carefresh, so it's pretty useless to me...).

That being said, one of the girls, Ruth, is very big. The biggest girl I've ever seen. I assumed this was from a poor diet, even though Naomi, the other little girl, is slim and svelte. When I put papertowels in the cage, Ruth snapped them up immediately, and ran into her igloo with them. That kinda got me thinking, because I had read that pregnant females will nest like crazy. I took her to the vet, and the vet said she didn't think she was pregnant, but she couldn't be sure. The weight might be a genetics thing. Oh, and both girls are probably a little under a year old.

Can anyone tell me (I have pictures I can post) if they think she's pregnant or not? My other concern would be that Naomi is being treated for Myco right now and is on antibiotics. If she is pregnant, should I separate them? I've only had them for a week now, and while they are absolute dolls, I don't want to stress either one out more by separating them from each other.

Any advice would be great, thanks!!


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nah i think she's just big and squishy like my boys lol. she doesn't look very pear shaped, just pudgy. that lousy cat food will do it. give them lab blocks daily and the cat food a little every day or every other day. too much protein (lot sin cat food) can give them skin probs
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