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Pregnant Degu Panting?

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My (apparent) pregnant degu seems to be panting a lot. The others in the cage aren't, so I don't think that they are too warm.

I'm afraid to change the temperature because of the new borns, but I'm thinking maybe to put a bottle of ice cold water on the bottom of the cage (the new borns are upstairs) and covering it with hay...

What do you think?

Or is she perhaps just preparing to give birth and feels uncomfortable and that's why she's breathing that way?
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I'm thinking she is just about to give birth... I can see the babies moving around in her belly! She nestled down next to her mums litter that are a few days old now and is keeping them warm, and doesn't seem to want to move.

Very nervous... hoping she'll be okay! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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