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Pregnant mouse question

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Hello, I've ended up rescuing a pregnant mouse who came from a tank with several young mice and a few adults and another pregnant mouse. I've an infirmary cage she is set up in and I'm going to begin giving her a diet to help her with her birth. She's pretty heavily pregnant and I think she'll be due soon. What I want to know is if the change of place will stress her out and harm her and the babies and if, since she was in a tank with many other mice, I should introduce her to one of my docile female mice. Would this stress her out more or is it better for her to be alone? Also any recommendations on what would be good to add to her diet would be great.
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i read that you need to add calcium, so natural yoghurt, i would get that checked but it might be an idea, i think also just generally adding more food for her, ensuring she has enough to survive the birth and produce milk

hope that helps
laura x
egg is a good source to help for them to eat
Mice are pretty great natural mothers. When I had a pregnant mousie I just supplied her with some kitty kibble for extra protein with her regular food, and hidey box for a nest, and left her alone until the babies came out. I just peeked in occasionally (because who can resist looking?) but until the babies are at least fuzzy I wouldn't bother them too much.
Oh, and I don't think there's any need to add another mouse to the mix. She'll have plenty of company once the litter's come. As for the stress of moving; as long as she has hiding places she should be ok.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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