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Puppies in shelters?

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How long do they stay?

My house is foster haven...for cats right now. We are doing babies only (those too young to be adopted) and teaching them the ropes so when the time comes, they appeal to a large audience.

Husband brought up something...why don't we start on dogs?

The reason I chose babies is because they only stay till they are about 9 weeks old. With my current shelter, at 8 weeks (assuming they are 2lbs) they are altered and come back to foster care till they have healed for a week. After that, they are placed up for adoption either on the shelter campus or Petsmart. The agency needing fosters for pups is 100% foster. After they are altered, they come back till they are adopted. I really don't want to be a fail foster and adopt the dogs. This place pulls from high volume shelters.

I am planning on starting a blog to increase adoption rates but I mean I can only do so much.
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normally our pup's at our shelter only last a day or two. At tops a week. But once they reach 4 months old for large breed dogs they end up staying a lot longer.

We have had puppies be adopted with in 20 mins of being put up for adoption.
It really depends on the area, the breed, the temperament of the puppy, etc. I've seen puppies grow up to adults in non-kill shelters and I've also seen puppies euthanized in kill shelters...

On the other hand, there have been puppies adopted the moment they get off transport :lol:. In general, puppies go quickly but it's always possible you'll have the dog into adulthood.
On the other hand, there have been puppies adopted the moment they get off transport :lol:
lol kinda sucks because I have been at a shelter where there were 10 people lined up to adopt one stray puppy that was just legally released for adoption. People get scary about it sometimes :giggle:
I was going to do "neonatal" puppies as well (that is...too young to adopt out) so that has me thinking I should only do small - medium.
While puppies may or may not be going quickly at your shelter, it is important to keep litters together to at least 6 weeks. The mother too is even better. Your shelter may have a real need for that similar to what you are doing with the kittens.

Having dogs and cats together should help teach them to get along with other, making them suitable for more homes.
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