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Puppy help

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Ok I just wanted to ask is it ok to feed my puppy peanut butter once in a while when he does something good? My pup is about 4 months and he is a chihuahua dachshund mix. And he is good about going outside but when I'm busy taking care of my animals or when I'm in the bathroom or when I'm not look he has to poop on the floor and its never in the same room as me. And when I find it and he sees me find it he knows he's going to be in trouble so he knows its bad to go in the house but he still doesn't know how to get my attention that he needs to go. And its always a 10 to 20 minutes after I take him outside to go and he usually does both outside. So what should I do?
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Yes peanut butter is ok for dogs, although some do have allergies. I wouldn't give it to him when he does something good though, it should be in a kong or something as it can get stuck on the roof of their mouth if they get too much at once and so on.

I would stick to small treats for treats for comands.

You could try crate training if you can't watch him then he should be in the crate until he is potty trained 100%

How does he tell you he needs to go when he's in the same room as you? you could try a bell on the door and train him to ring the bell to have to go out as well.
train him to get really excited when he has to go outside... try and take him outside every 2-3 hours and get him very excited before he has to go outside... love on him and make him get in your face and race to the door and around the house before he has to go outside...
and peanut butter is ok for dogs but not in large amounts, stick to treats for training
ok thank you and i put the peanut butter in his kong toy. just wondering cuz he slept another night with out going in the house
you might also try keeping him super busy, keep things in his kong toy, play with him when you can, crate him if you can't keep an eye on him
i don't usually recommend much time in a crate, he is a growing puppy and "crate time" can usually lead to further problems with the "adult dog;" a puppy needs regular brain stimulation... the more brain stimulation the puppy gets, the easier it will be in training it (potty training, regular house training, tricks, obedience, walks, other), playing with him regularly, agility courses, regular walks, and just in general spending time with him... crate time can lead to boredom (naughty dogs), possible separation anxiety, stress, isolation, and can lead to a very independent dog...
regular walks will keep him tired out (he will spend more time sleeping and less time pottying on your floor!) and if you buy an interactive game for him, it will help expand his brain (games like this)

spend regular time, daily, working on obedience (teaching him how to walk properly on a leash, heeling, sitting, laying down, shake, quiet, wait, leave it, take it, no, good boy, ect.)- all dogs love to please their owners and if you know what you are doing when you're training him, he should pick it up perfectly
and also, you might consider getting him neutered (if he isn't already), if a puppy is still intact, neutering usually helps a dog with potty training
an intact dog will tend to "mark" more (excessive pottying, dominance, aggression, destruction)... "removing their "manhood-"" so to speak, dulls down their dominance level, and usually leads to a calmer, easier-to-train, better dog
Thank you so much HomeworkCrazy I'll be sure to do that
haha no problem and good luck! puppies are a handful! :cheer:
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