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Puppy Mills - Oprah

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Hi Everyone,

Please watch Oprah's show tomorrow on Puppy Mills. It will change your life. We must do something to stop this.


Please spread the word so as many people watch this as possible.

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Wish i could watch it but i live in the UK
and i don't think i'll have it over here :(
if you find a link to watch it make sure to send me it hun
I just made the same thread!
OOPS! I didn't know there was one.I normally do not watch that show and am not a fan of her,but will be tuning in.
I'll post what I posted in the other thread.

I want to know what Oprah's motive is. I read that she has ties with PETA and HSUS so the show might just be a ploy to try to get people to donate a lot of money to these different organizations.
I'll be at work and I don't have cable or satelite so I can't watch it. :( Maybe it'll be on the net when I get home??
The show is coming on 15 mins.
I dislike PETA and HSUS,so hopefully thats not what she is doing.
Hi Everyone,

If you can't watch it and you can't record it, please check . There should be SOME information on there about today's show.

When I saw the previews I almost wanted to cry!
I just watched it.
Not being a fan of Oprah,it was a good show.Sad and I admit I shed some tears,especially when they talked about euthanasia and showed them euthanizing the dogs.

Puppies Are Not A Cash Crop


So, Oprah caused my mascara to run all under my eyes -- I look like a raccoon!

Here is a link that I found from the show.

I really wish there was more I can do. I can honestly say that from now on, I will always get my pets from a shelter. ALWAYS. Even though before, my two dogs that I've had in my life have been from responsible breeders.

It hurts my heart to know that animals are going straight from cages to body bags. I can understand shelters putting animals down because of their sickly condition - if they know that they're just not going to make it and there's no chance of rehabilitation. That, or if the animals' past is just so bad that again, there is no chance of rehabilitation to turn them into a great, loving, family dog. But to destroy a animal simply because there is no more room in the shelter is just simply inexcusable. And, if you couldn't watch the show, the next time you go to a shelter, look on the cage tag and see if there is a red "E" on the animals' tag. That means that they will be killed the next day. I didn't know that and so the one time I went to a shelter, I wish I would have known. It's all just so sad.

But then it got me thinking -- Do I adopt London still like my heart was set on? She's a GORGEOUS kitten who I don't think would have any trouble getting adopted based on looks. And, she's in a foster home so she really isn't taking up room in the shelter. BUT, a friend of mine pointed out that just because she's in a foster home now, she might not always be in one. And so she could be the one to take up space in a shelter one day. Also, I don't really know if I want to adopt a cat that's older simply because I will get attached and love it with all my heart, towards the end of it's life, the vet bills could become suffocating to make her comfortable (heaven forbid), and there's the potential of it dying in only a couple years. But at least it would be in a house and not in a cage. : (

What do you all think? My heart is set on London, I just hope I'm doing the right thing. However, my boyfriend and I plan on going to the mall tomorrow for some shopping and I plan on stepping foot into the pet store and asking them where they get their puppies from -- even though I already know the answer.

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I think you should still adopt the kitten. She's in foster care through a shelter right? Well just think, that once she's adopted then the foster parent has the room to take another homeless animal in to care for. Thats the good thing about shelters, no mater what animal you adopt, young or old, once that animal has a home, theres an open space at the shelter, or with the foster parent, for another homeless animal to have a chance at finding one too.
yes that's a good point, adopt a pet and save a life. it's a big circle that never ends, but someone can always help
the show broke my heart...I cried alot during it. I will never get anyone who can treat any living thing like that...and the shelter part, tthat just was so sad...our local shelter is one of the highest kill shelters...we are a relitivly smaller town compared to whats around us and we are worse than LA, Sn Fran, Sacramento and so so so many more...we go there often to do volunteer work and everytime I want to leave with some of the dogs.

It was a good show and so informative and I love that it put it out there...
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