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It is an irrefutable truth that puppies need to eliminate many times in a day. Younger dogs take time in learning when and where to eliminate. It is hence, essential to understand the conduct of dogs and potty train them accordingly. Some of the major Puppy potty training problems are:-

1. The frustrating part is the communication difficulty while potty training of puppies about where and when it is suitable to eliminate. Puppies must to be trained in such a style, that they discover quickly from mistakes.

2. Too much of penalty and punishment in case of eliminating indoor won't work. The owners must first know that dogs do not distinguish between indoors and outdoors to do the act of elimination. This will leads to puppy potty training problems.

3. The problem of submissive urinating in dogs is usually seen when they get thrilled or greet people. It could also show up when the possessor is distress with the dog activities and can be an obstacle in potty training.

4. The male dogs are fond of marking their area and territories and it could turn into a major obstacle in training puppies for potty. They may feel endangered to go out of their marked area and could build up a feeling of uncertainty. Thus, it can create problems in potty training.
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