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Question about customizing profile

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I'm having a hard time setting in the colors and font I want for my profile, it won't let me do it. And how does everybody get the little birthday banner for there kids and/ or pets? And how do you put the little pet icon in "what's in your zoo" on profiles? And is anyone else having a hard time uploading pics, it takes me like over an hour to get halfway and then it freezes? Thanks :)
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Hey, as far as custom profile I won't be much help there since I have not tried to do my own but for the little icons next to the pets they own when you create your siggy there should be a little smilies delio over to your right >> kind of like where you make a post where you can select from. I will doubt check this right now for you and we will see if get it to work. The birthday banners you can make but googling "Brithday tickers" or "tickers" once you create the ticker they give you a code that you copy paste into your siggy. I hope this helpes =D
Yep you scroll down the smilies till you get to Animals =D oh and for the photos sometimes large pictures take a while to upload. If your pictures are not JPEG open then up on paint or photoshop and re-save them as JPEGs and that reduces their size quite a bit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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