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question about mouse breeding

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I have a breeding trio of mice and have a couple questions. The male bred the females within the first week of being in the cage and kept trying to breed for a couple days. It has since been two weeks and he does not seem interested sexually anymore with the does.:confused: Does this mean they are pregnant? I have been weighing them but not much change in weight. Thanks for any advice. Brittany
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Hey Brittany..

I hope your mice are ok.. Maybe you can call your local vet and ask them? I dont have that answer wish I did...

Good luck to you.
so far there has been no real change in activity other than the females getting a little fluffier (they could be eating more than at the store) they have calmed down since they came home but no signs of illness. The male still plays with them but does not try to mate and I have not seen the normal signs they were wanting to mate either. thanks,Brittany
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