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Questions: I am a new rabbit owner!

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HI...I just recently had the joy of bringing home pepe, he is a rex and is about 5 months old, Pepe is not interested in me at all and im wondering how to build his trust and have interaction with him! Please help if you know what to do thanks!:confused:
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Hello! I am a fairly new rabbit owner, too. I've had my 2 loves for nearly 3 months.

I can tell you that building trust was (and still is) the HARDEST part of being a new bunny mommy. They are so cute I just want to reach in and cuddle with them all of the time. But, everyone and everything has said that is the WRONG thing to do.

If you are looking to develop a healthy, long-term relationship with Pepe, you are going to have to make yourself stick to the rules. Try not to go into his space (cage/hutch) and get him out. You have to let him come out on his own terms. Again, I KNOW this is so tough.

I've received some great advice on these boards. Many folks told me to sit on the floor outside of the cage, leave the cage door open, and wait for the bun to get curious enough to come to you. Have some treats on you: greens, cheerios, etc. When he comes to you, give him a treat.

Hope this helps!
Guess I would add, talk to him when you see him, I always say good morning to mine and sing to him. that way he gets to know your voice also. My little guy always perks his little nose and ears up when he hears my voice.
Just give Pepe some time. :) Everything is new to him so he has to get used to his surroundings and his new owner. If you keep working with him (feeding him treats and slowly petting him) I'm sure he will come around. Good luck!
When i brought my first bun home i had him in his hutch and left him to get to know his new surroundings for a couple of hours. Then i opened his cage and put one hand just inside the door and he came straight to me! he sniffed me out and then nudged me. I stroked him a little whilst gently talking to him and calling him by his name Sammo. I continued this everyday and made sure i held him everyday and talk to him etc and now i only have to call him and he comes straight over he also kisses my face when i pick him up and we have a very strong bond. I did the same with my 2nd bun Bbop but he isn't as affectionate as Sammo i think it just depends on the rabbit,some like attention and some don't.
Good luck hun just give it time! xx
Yup - everyone has given you great advice. The important thing with rabbits is that you want them to come to you for attention. If you reach in and pet them and pick them up when they don't want you to, it will just make them mad and it will be harder to gain their trust.

When I first get a new bunny, I start by talking to them a lot and if they come up to me I give them treats and gently pet them if they let me.

When you let them out of the cage, have some treats or a fun toy and just sit on the floor somewhere. They may ignore you for awhile, but eventually they should get curous and come up to you.

After awhile, when they come up to you you should be able to pet them. If they run away, just wait and try again.

It can take a long time and you have to be patient - because eventually what you can achieve is a rabbit that loves your attention and till come up to you begging for attention.
My advice - raisins and papaya tabs.

Oliver and Ophelia are still getting used to me. We got them almost a year ago. I think they are taking longer because they have always had each other.
Penelope is a bit better. She LOVES it when I sleep on the floor in her room. This way she can explore me with my being tempted to grab her and kiss her all over.
Teddy is the best - but he came that way. He comes up to me all the time -even while running the sweeper!

It is very rewarding when Ophelia comes to me for something. When I clean up and add hay and things she knows I will hand her something. Sometimes it's a treat like a papaya tab and other times it's a "good" piece of hay. She likes the pieces that look like dried grass. I think always having something for her really helps.
I swear to god my two guys would do ANYTHING for papaya tablets!

They hear me shake the container, and they both come flying at me! That's usually the only way I can get them back in their cage at bed time, lol
I have never tried papaya tablets where can i get those from? I have never seen them lol i use beetroot sticks for my 2 and they love them. Sammo has always been affectionate towards me he loves to cuddle and kiss me lol but Bbop isnt a very people friendly bun BUT he is getting there with a bit of encouragement from Sammo! Bless them x
I buy the oxbow brand of papaya tabs.
Does anyone know if health food stores sell papaya tabs? I would love to find them cheaper. With 4 bunnies it can be rather expensive.
Beetroot sticks? I never heard of those. Are they sold at pet stores?
Yeah they are made by Wag. They are for guniea pigs and buns and my buns absolutely love them lol x
I get Oxbow papaya tabs too. They are kind of expensive though, usually just under $10 for 500 tablets. But I only have 2 buns and they each only get a few at a time so they last me awhile.

I'm not sure if health food stores sell papaya tablets, or anything like them. The oxbow ones arn't just papaya though I don't think, I think they're papaya and pineapple? Would people use papaya tablets? Lol I always just thought they were for bunnies but if humans use them then I bet you could find something like them at a health food store. Don't eat the bunny papaya tables though, they don't taste as good as they smell! :D
:D Thanks so much for all the advice, also how do i load pics? lol im so new at this!
I found Papaya Enzyme chewable tablets at the grocery store. I should call my vet and see if it's the same thing.
hmm I dunno, if you ask let us know what the vet says, and how they like them if you get them some.

To upload pictures, I use You can make an account there and upload photos, then it will give you the codes to use to display the picture. To get them to show up in a post, use the code with the [ IMG ] in front.
My little Dutch was my first and it took him a little longer to socialize with me. Patience I think is the key. Let him come to you but always pay attention to him. Be on his level and don't make any sudden movement when he first gets out. Raisins are always a treat you have around the house. Mine are so crazy about them all I have to say is "where are my crazy bunnies" and they come straight to me. Associate him being put up with a word and a treat. That way you won't have any problems ever getting him up. Mine is "night night" they go straight to their pen. It will become so routine that he will get excited when he sees you and want to be with you. Just make sure you have him fixed when it is time. Slow down and enjoy him. They are great loving pets.
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