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I have a question that some of you might be able to help me with.

I have a two and a half year old female beardie. He name is Mafia and she is quite docile and on the small side for a bearded.

I was recently contacted by a woman who,by a very odd turn of events, just ended up with a full grown beardie but can't take care of her. She wants me to take her bearded.

Now, my bearded dragon has socialized with other beardies and hangs out with one of my leopard geckos no problem. This new beardie had a cage mate until recently, is female, is a little older than Mafia, and is also quite docile.

The problems come into the first introduction. We both brought our dragons outside to meet in neutral territory before we made any decisions. First thing we noticed was the the other dragon is about one and a half times Mafia's size and, on top of that, is almost obese. (The woman taking care of her is trying her best, but really doesn't know anything about the animal and had been feeding her very fatty meal worms.) Another problem is that this new dragon had a past injury that resulted in the loss of her front right foot and twisted her arm. This seems to cause her no pain, there is no sign of infection (the injury is years old) and the twisting of her arm actually seems to help her get around since she can put the stump on the ground to get around.

At their first meet there was a little licking and some sun bathing. Suddenly Mafia jumps on top of the other dragon and starts head-bobbing, something she's never done before. The other dragon, startled, run off a few feet.

Now, I know that a head bob is a sign of dominance and since there was no beard inflation or hissing it wasn't actual aggression, just asking for dominance. However, the proper response from the other dragon should have been an arm wave, but she doesn't have an arm to wave. So if they can't perform the proper rituals will they just fight or with they eventually figure out the pecking order and make good cage mates for each other?

All in all I just want to know if taking this beardie would be a good idea or a bad one. I DO NOT want to leave her in her current conditions, which aren't horrible, but not ideal, especially since her owner doesn't want her.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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