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Quick.Easy.Lunchbox recipes *for omnivore/diehard meat eater bf...suggestions???

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Wondering if anyone has quick& easy recipes that I can prepare ahead of time for my man's lunchbox?
He's not vegan like me...he loves meats!
So any quick recipes you guys know,that can be put together,& reheated the next day...would be a plus!
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yummy for veggie eaters and omnivores, meat and other animal products are optional

for a vegan it may hard to handle raw meat. are you sure your up to it?
im not exactly vegitarian and definatly not vegan. im into the circle of life thing. i do not have a problem with the humane raising and slottering of animals. i just have a problem with slow death, inpropper living situations, and loading them up on steroids and antibiotics. i choose to only eat free range and organic meat, which is very expencive so i cant eat it on a daily basis like most people. im the same way with the dairy products and eggs. my family raises ducks and chickens which lay eggs for us, and i buy my milk from a local organic company. because i love the taste of meat, but do not allow myself it that regularly i have found ways of "faking" meat in vegitarian dishes.

one of my favorites is a vegitarian dish that could easily be made vegan. it takes awhile to prepare origonally but can be made in large amounts and keeps well. they are buritos. a combination of spiced beans and roasted seasoned veggitables, and rice.

1: the beans

for the beans you want to put as much as you want in a pot, expect them to double in size at the very least. red, black, and kidney beans work best. soak them over night then strain rinsing off all the black colored soaking water out. in the pot add a swirl of olive oil, a scoop of garlic finely chopped, and one small onion diced cook over medium high heat until onions are brown around the edges. poor the rinced beans back into the pot and poor over vegitable stock, just enough to cover it. (you can add beaf or chicken broth if wanted instead) then turn the ring on high and bring it to a boil then turn it down to a calm boil, medium or medium low. while its boiling add a good handfull of fresh finely chopped cillantro (also called mexican parsley,) the juice of a lime, 2 teaspoons of chilli powder, 1 teaspoon cayan pepper, 1 tea spoon cumin, a pinch of salt, and the same amount of black pepper. (you can add more or less of any of these depending on your tastes, remember beans obsorb lots of the spices and flavor so things might seem like alot but really dont make it that spicy. if you want it just flaverfull and not spicy dont add the cayan pepper) cover and boil for 25 minute to a half hour then remove the lid and continue boiling until most of the broth has boiled off and the beens taste done (they should taste smooth not grainy)

and tada, they are beans that taste so good you wont miss beef.
it may seem complicated and alot of work but if you have a big enough pot you can make enough to last 2 weeks, if you use vegitable stock it will keep practically forever. if you choose the not so veggitarian route it will last about 10 days. also for when it is simmering you can just sit at the dining room table doing whatever and keep half an eye on it. these can be added to about anything, you can put it in "dinner for two" amounts in ziplock bags and freaze them if you want. if your hubby is even crazier about meat than this you can add ham or bacon when you add the onions. if your using bacon dont bother with the olive oil.

2: rice
for the rice just make it normaly you can put it on to cook when the beens are 20 minutes from being done.

3: roasted veg
and for the veg, you can find hickory smoke flavoring but im not a fan of it, you can chop pretty much anything for this. i have afew favorites though: zucinni, lemon squash, carrot, bell pepper, and onion. dont slice them into circles. slice them like you would cut carrot sticks but thinner then just fry them in abit of olive oil and add salt, pepper, whatever else you like. i like paprica and thyme on mine. cook these after you put on the rice.

i like cheese and sour cream on mine, but that is optional. i have also found some vegan sour creams that taste supprisingly like the real thing. you can also add salsa home made or bought.

sometimes if i want something really fast in the morning i premake the burritos the night before and toast them in a pan on each side i dont add sour cream or salsa when i do this and keep them in small containers in the lunch box (heated sour cream and salsa= yuck) this makes them stay shut ect. or you can make them in the morning. all of these things you can make in large quantities and eat through out the week, and you and your boy friend finally might be able to enjoy a meal that fits your morals and your boyfriends taste buds.
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I don't think Candyraver has any intention of eating her bf's meals. She's just looking for something she can make that he can eat.

I make a hamburger casserole that's easy to put together and even better second day.

brown a pound of ground beef (or chicken/turkey, if you want it to be a little healthier) mix it with 16 to 20 ounces veggies. (I use corn, carrots, peas and green beans) add in a can of tomato soup. Spread this on the bottom of a casserole dish. Make 24 ounces of mashed potatoes (I use potato pearls, quick and easy to make) Spread this on top of the beef and veggies. Cover with cheese and bake at 350 degrees (F) for about 15 min.

We put it in Single serve Tupperware and take it to work with us to eat it for lunch.
Tuna mayonaise pasta? You can reheat it too! I used to love it so now I added peas and pinapple instead of tuna and it really yummy :D
I thought of another and you could eat them too. We make homemade burritos, wrap them in tinfoil and freeze them. You could put vegan friendly bean and veggies in yours and his can be layered with meat, beans, salsa, cheese, whatever. They're super easy to make and they keep great so you could eat them up to months later if needed.
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