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Quick Question: ACF and metal

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A long time ago when I was doing research before I adopted Squishy, I read somewhere that frogs are "allergic" to metal and copper, and it shouldn't touch their water.
IDK if that's true or not, but being my paranoid self I've never used anything metal for Squishy.
But would stainless steel tweezer thingies be OK to feed him with? I hate holding the worms/crickets under water while he tried to find them. I'm debating between getting the stanless steel feeding tweezers or the plastic ones for Dud and Squish LOL.
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They would be fine.

Copper can be toxic to many animals, particularly invertebrates, and most concerns in an aquatic environment involve exposure to rust.
K, thanks!
You don't have to worry unless you have metals actually dissolved in the water. So as long as you don't throw in some copper pipes for decoration (ha!), you're good :).
OK, thanks again!

Bummer, I guess I'll have to remove my underwater penny collection. :p
A pet store here that has an indoor pond with ACF in it actually had that problem though, because I guess people thought it was some kind of wishing well. :rolleyes: So they have a sign that says you can't throw coins into the water now.
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