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Rabbit diet

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Simon and Speckle will be turning 1 around January and I'm going to have to change their diet, the days of unlimited pellets are almost up. My main concern is how I'm going to feed two rabbits and how much each of them should get, also, what times would be good, does anyone have experience with a bonded pair on this topic?

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I don't have a boanded pair, but in general they can have 1/4 cup of Tomithy based pellets per 5lbs of bun, and unlimited Timothy hay as well. :) To help prevent them from stealing eachother's pellets, maybe get them each their own Slim Cat balls? That way they would each have to work on their own balls to get the pellets out, instead of one of them devouring both bowls as fast as possible LOL.
Hm , never had to deal with bonded rabbits sharing food. I like Jess's idea, maybe start to condition them to get their slimcat balls on different levels of the condo?
Giving different slim cat balls has never worked for me. They all just kind of attack the same one lol. Then when the first one is empty they gang up on the next one together. My guys have never seemed to understand the concept that there is one for each of them when food is involved. That goes for bowls of food as well.

I think the only way to give them each exact amounts at meal time would be to separate or supervise them. I don't know what your set up for them is, but maybe you could feed one in the cage and one outside the cage?

Unless you are willing to sit with them at meal times and keep them from eating each others food.

If it's not as big of a deal you can just feed them together from one big bowl and see how it goes. This works for some but not for others. You'll have to make sure they are both getting food and that one of them isn't hogging it all.

Timing is up to you, really. Pick a time that is good for you to feed them and they will adapt to it. Rabbits are usually most active in the mornings and evenings, dusk and dawn, so you could pick one of those times to feed them if you're around at those times.
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That's funny Dragon!! I'd die to see a video of your trio "ganging" up on the slimcat balls!!
It is really funny to watch! I'll try to get a video when Ziggy is feeling better. Unfortunately he has another ear infection that we're dealing with right now, so he has a bit of a head tilt and his balance is off. Once he's feeling better again I'm sure he'll be feeling more up to helping the others gang up on the balls :)
Actually you were supposed to limit food at 7 months
But they get 1/4-1/2 cup per 6lbs of bunny, each. You can try different bowls in different areas, slim cat balls, just dumping into a box with a layer of hay to encourage foraging. I'll end up separating for dinner time likely, as one bun will be about 8-14lbs more than the other :)
Jack and Millie don't understand the concept that they each have their own food--this goes for treats as well. If I give them both a babycarrot one always ends up dropping theirs and going after the others--if I give them both a large treat to work on Millie usually tries to drag it off and Jack ends up chasing her all around trying to get a bite. They are both little pork-butts so I know they are both getting plenty to eat!
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